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In my artwork, you can see 3 ballerinas dancing in the middle of a field. As the quarantine and rules had lifted, dancing could once again become my hobby. You can observe pastel shades of pink and turquoise on the dresses of the ballerinas. Three bright pink ribbons hover over the figures. A new kindContinue reading “Ballerina’s”

Missing You

My artwork revolves around how lockdown has affected care homes and families. In this case it features my grandma, since she got ill in lockdown and has been put in a care home ever since. She is printed on transparent paper to reflect the distance and also the feeling of slowly losing her. The watchContinue reading “Missing You”

Trapped in a Bubble

These plastic ball shaped items represent a bubble. I then hung them in different compositions from the window, some with smaller balls with materials from the beach in them. The artist that has inspired me is Carlos Morales Rodriguez and his picture ‘self-isolation’. His work has inspired me as I understand the feeling of beingContinue reading “Trapped in a Bubble”

Loneliness Of The Soul

My idea is to take inspiration from Richard Billingham’s work. Billingham’s photography is all about revealing his life at home and his alcoholic parents, this inspired me to take images of my life at home and expose my personal life which might help others to not feel so alone during lockdown. I have used photographyContinue reading “Loneliness Of The Soul”

Seascape Blues

My idea is a landscape painting of a beach on top of a base of pages of my isolation diary and newspaper articles of the lockdown. It links to the lockdown in the way it represents both the negative and the positive aspects, I have used the diary entries and newspapers to portray the negativeContinue reading “Seascape Blues”

Making History

I want the black lives matter movement to be a part of history and I want my piece to help change the future. this relates to the life after lockdown project because people during lockdown would have had the time to reflect on there thoughts and realised that the damage that has coursed black livesContinue reading “Making History”

60 Days

My installation is made up of my personal belongings, a video of 60 projected images of my bed over lock down.  The piece is inspired by Tracey Emin ‘s ‘My Bed’ installation and shows how my life in lock down upside down.During lock down I kept a journal, I expressed how I was always alone in my room and how my bed becameContinue reading “60 Days”


I have created an instillation in my garden shed which demonstrates the negativity of lock down and isolation through the portrayal of emotions. My artistic inspiration came from the artists Yayoi Kusama and her use of color. I aimed to complete this through using abstract expressionism to portray emotions as well as the central focalContinue reading “Isolation”

Monochrome Time

My idea is based on a students life during quarantine, but even after quarantine online school still continued. During that time many stoped getting daily exercise as simple as walking. They would spend hours staring at the screen, not moving until schools over.I decided to use shades of grey because every day was monotony andContinue reading “Monochrome Time”

My Quarantine Life

My image shows the mental state I was in during quarantine and how it affected me. Not being able to see the busy streets left me with nothing to look forward to. I wasn’t bothered to clean. I didn’t use this time alone to learn new skills. Instead I procrastinated. There is a cover overContinue reading “My Quarantine Life”


My artwork shows two shops opening for the first time since the start of the lockdown. I wanted my drawing to show society returning to some altered sense of normality, whilst still hinting at the profound effect that Coronavirus has had on the country. The two people in the drawing are acknowledging each other whileContinue reading “Distance”

The Ballerina Inside the Globe

‘The Ballerina Inside the Globe’ is representative towards everyday behaviour people may have after the pandemic . Changes consisting of being more cautious when on public transport or in crowds; some people might still wear masks due to paranoia over another virus developing. The ballerina is holding the earth in her right hand which signifiesContinue reading “The Ballerina Inside the Globe”


Lockdown made me feel very disconnected from my normal life. I am used to exploring new places and constantly being outside, and this is what I wanted to portray through my imagery. The camera being set up in the same location for all fifteen photographs represents being in the same environment continually throughout lockdown, myselfContinue reading “Isolation”


I explored the idea that Trump’s considered toxicity may be leaking into the UK (Boris’ mouth) as a result of their close friendship that seems to be blossoming. I read a few articles that said they talk every fortnight and communicate using personal phone numbers which leads me to question the nature of their relationship and their levels of professionalism. Both Trump and Boris appear toContinue reading “Sycophant”


The ideas behind this piece were inspired by the current events that are taking place during lockdown. The concept shows the earth with different images in different places. America shows a black man being shot at by what should be assumed to be a police officer. The image depicts the man as clearly holding hisContinue reading “Change”


Inspired by daily life under lockdown, my piece was completed in colouring pencil on mount board. Under the confines of domesticity, many have taken to baking as a way to pass the time. While turning to confectionery during this pandemic may be viewed as a silver lining of isolation to some, others may interpret thisContinue reading “Confection”

No Guidelines Needed

The idea was that life will go back to normal and for some people life didn’t change much. Isolation is no different to some people’s regular going abouts. There was no real creative influence I just like doing digital collages and some elements of this piece were a nice challenge. Jacob – Chester-Le Street Media: Photoshop


I’m not quite sure how the idea for this piece came to me but, once it did, I couldn’t shake it. Foxes are commonly portrayed as sly, thus portraying the virus. While their prey, rabbits, are quite defenceless and could quite easily be captured by the ‘fox’. Hence the NHS worker helping the rabbits byContinue reading “Protection”

A Fragile Life

This is a still life painting created with acrylic on mount board that was inspired by life during lockdown and the effects it has on people’s mental health. I chose to do a still life inspired by a Vanitas style to portray transience of life using objects like a skull to symbolise death and syringesContinue reading “A Fragile Life”

Clowning Around

This painting displays the importance of the arts and entertainment industry during the pandemic. With everyone being trapped indoors the majority of the population have turned to the arts industry to keep entertained, either watching films, listening to music, becoming creative with drawing, sewing and general creating. In these desperate times I wanted to highlightContinue reading “Clowning Around”

The Life After Lockdown Project is not a competition but an opportunity to participate creatively, sharing your thoughts and ideas on the Lockdown and Pandemic by submitting artwork for exhibition. The project is open to anyone in the UK and overseas who wish to make a creative response to the pandemic and its aftermath. We are pleased to announce that in partnership with NSEAD Specialist Crafts are offering discount on art materials for students involved in the Life After Lockdown Project.

Trapped in a Bubble – Amber – Bexhill College

Loneliness of The Soul – Isabella – Bexhill College

Seascape Blues – Rebecca – Bexhill College

Making History – Katie – Bexhill College

’60 Days’Anne-Marie – Bexhill College

Isolation – click an image for slideshow

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