Get Involved

Get Involved

The Life After Lockdown Project is not a competition but an opportunity to participate creatively, sharing your thoughts and ideas on the Lockdown and Pandemic by submitting artwork for exhibition. The project is open to anyone in the UK and overseas who wish to make a creative response to the pandemic and its aftermath.


Use your experiences and vision for how these events have unfolded and create a piece of work to express the pandemic’s impact on yourself or you vision of a future society as we begin to assess its impact across the world.


The work must be your own, original and produced in response to your lockdown experience since the UK Lockdown was announced on 20th of March 2020. 

  • Work can be created using any media and submitted digitally.
  • Individual or collaborative work will be accepted.
  • Work produced as part of teacher led school based project will be accepted
  • You can submit more than one piece of work.
  • You will need to submit a brief statement alongside the work, this should not exceed 100 words and will indicate, how you arrived at the final piece, your influences and the context of the work.

It is envisaged that the project will continue to run for the foreseeable future.


Start by thinking about how you could interpret the brief

  • Think about life before lockdown.How different was it?
  • What has your life been like under lockdown?
  • What is your vision about how the future might change? How would you express this?

You might consider one or more  of the following:

  • A new respect for frontline workers
  • Loneliness, Grief, Loss
  • Hope – for a better society, or a better relationship to our world/ environment
  • Fear – about how the future will be different
  • Health and wellbeing of all
  • The challenges of change
  • Time – how time feels different, appreciating having the time to spend doing things or missing activities we spent time on before the lockdown
  • Community – fractured relationships, or a new feeling of a common goal and new ways to relate to and connect to others

Develop a mood/ideas board

Use the internet to research artists, designers, craft makers, museums, art galleries, to help you develop your ideas and observe what’s going on in your family unit and online community for inspiration.

In the development of your work you should consider :
– Investigating a range of ideas
– Experimenting with media and techniques
– Documenting the development of your work ( which should  inform your supporting statement)

Your submission should be an effective realisation of your ideas in interpreting the brief through skilful use of your chosen medium.

Record the progress of your investigations on your phone photos and videos. These can be shared via our Instagram account. Look at artists, designers or other creatives and consider how they might respond to this brief?


What media might you select and use to develop your ideas?

We are aware that you may have limited resources at home however, if you are involved in a school based project you will have access to a wider range of materials.

Therefore your response may be dictated by the materials and media that you can access. Artists have always been resourceful so you should see this as an opportunity rather than a hindrance.

Drawing         Painting             Print               Photography                    Textile   

Digital Images and time-based film/animation Collage traditional or digital         

Mixed media          Sculpture            Ceramics            House/Garden installation

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