This information will support you in the promotion of the Life After Lockdown Project to your students. The project can be developed independently by students or as a school based project.

This project was developed in response to the loss of opportunity for many students to sit their art and design examination and complete coursework for assessment at the start of lockdown in March 2020. We appreciate that many of these young people are intending to go on to study, for example, A Level, BTEC, National Higher/Advanced courses or begin a course in art and design at Higher Education.  We are seeking to support these young people in advancing their creative progress and sustaining a personal commitment to their creative development. This project aims to showcase the creativity of young people in the UK by asking them to consider how the Covid 19 Pandemic might change society and inviting them to make a work responding to it for submission and exhibition

Get students involved

We would be grateful to have the assistance of art and design teachers, art educators and NSEAD members in bringing the links to this project to the attention of their students aged 16-19. Can we ask you to do the following:

  • Encourage students to get involved in the project by giving them a copy of the project brief
  • Encourage students who may have completed a piece of work related to the pandemic to submit it for inclusion in the LAL Project gallery
  • Develop a class project that focuses on LAL project themes
  • Make suggestions about possible influences and stimuli that might help them develop their creative ideas
  • Through constructive dialogue assist students in developing their personal statement about their lockdown experience and the work they have created

The Life After Lockdown Project reserves the right to select submitted work for inclusion in the online exhibition/gallery. It is our intention that a selection of work exhibited will become an exhibition in a nationally recognised art gallery. We aim to share information on this as soon as the online exhibition is completed and discussions with galleries confirm arrangements.

The Life After Lockdown Project has been developed by a group of former art and design consultants and educators. It has been created with the support of NSEAD. 

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