March 2021

The three Rs in 2021: Reflect, Recover, Refresh: Reimagining learning and teaching in a changing world
Webinar #2: Life after Lockdown

In March ‘The Life After Lockdown Project’ worked with Oxford Brooks University as part of a series of webinars.

Making art for student wellbeing : with Keith Brymer Jones & Dr Rachel Payne, Principal Lecturer, Oxford Brookes University

How can children and teens manage anxiety in uncertain times? How can we proactively support student mental health? And how can we change the future of teaching, to put empathy and wellbeing front and centre?

Keith interviewed students from Bexhill College on their experience of making art during the pandemic.

3Rs Webinar – Life After Lockdown: Support Notes for Art & Design, Mental Health and Wellbeing

“the evidence suggests that engagement with the arts can improve a person’s physical and mental well-being. The benefits of arts activities are being seen beyond traditional settings, and their role in supporting communities and individuals who would otherwise be excluded is increasingly being recognised.”

Arts, Health and Well-being. 2018 Welsh NHS Confederation

Click here for notes and links on mental health and guidance.

Click here for links to reports and web resources that address mental health and wellbeing in and through the arts.

The recording from the webinar is now available on YouTube: