Submitting your work for Exhibition

When submitting your work for exhibition, please ensure you have met the ‘criteria’ by answering the 10 questions on your submission email


It is envisaged that the project will continue to run for the foreseeable future.

The Life After Lockdown Project is open for submissions NOW!

We’ll update this page if and when c changes are made.

Submission Criteria

  • The work is your own and not a copy of another artist’s work.
  • The work is not work you have produced at school, or for an examination course.
  • You are able to photograph, scan or digitally record your work ready for attaching as a file to your email submission. The photograph or digital file size you submit is less than 10mb.


  1. What is your name/s (you are welcome to use initials, surname or a nickname to hide your full identity)?
  2. What is the county or area you live in the UK (or country if outside the UK) ?
  3. If you are currently studying Art & Design course or have just completed at school/college e.g. GCSE Fine Art, A Level Art & Design, or BTEC Art & Design L3?please state the title of your course.
  4. What is the title of your work?
  5. What media did you use  i.e. oil paint on canvas, plaster on wood, or paper, card and acrylic paint?
  6. What is the physical size of your artwork?
  7. Please complete a 100 word statement – to explain your ideas and creative intentions, identifying any creative influences you wish to identify
  8. Can you confirm that this is fully your own work, or an original collaboration with another student?
  9. Can you confirm the following: You agree to your work being exhibited online and used for promotional purposes?
  10. Can you confirm that you agree to your work being selected for a future exhibition in a gallery (gallery details still to be confirmed)?

The Life After Lockdown Project reserves the right to select submitted work for inclusion in the online exhibition/gallery.

I understand that without answers to all the above questions, you will not be able to exhibit my work in the online gallery.

Copyright statement: I confirm that by submitting work to the Life After Lockdown Project for exhibition, that I assert that this is my own work. It has not been produced for any examination purposes and I am the creator/originator of the artwork. I hereby agree to allow the Life After Lockdown project exhibit my work in the online gallery if selected and agree to images of my work being used to advertise the exhibition. I also agree to my work being exhibited as part of a physical exhibition. I agree that my email address can be stored for the duration of the project, should the Life After Lockdown Project need to contact me to arrange for the physical exhibition in a gallery.

To submit: Send an email to 


  • Your response to the 10 questions
  • Your image file
  • Up to two additional (optional) images showing work in progress

The Life After Lockdown Project is a not-for-profit organisation, set up to enable school and college students studying a course in art and design, to exhibit work they produce during Lockdown about ‘life after lockdown’.

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