Young people: 

What do you make of life under lock down? What are your hopes and fears? What do you think the future will or should hold for us all? Our world will soon be led, designed and shaped by you – What do you want that world to be like…what don’t you want it to be like? How might our world be better? What have we learned from the Covid 19 experience?

For some of you, your experience of lockdown will be profound you may be enjoying the time you have to engage in creative activities, the time you have spent with your family, or you may have endured loss, anxiety and grief. Some will have experienced the pandemic from perspectives of; personal disability, special needs, deprivation, mental health, as care givers or through discrimination. You may also have very positive experiences having witnessed or taken part in acts of love and selfless acts of great kindness, compassion and care.

On the CONTEXT page, you can find out more about how life might be different and how participating in the Life After Lockdown Project might help your mental health.

Many of you will be looking to move forward into BTEC or A Level Art and Design courses, or pursuing opportunities in Further or Higher Education, sixth form college or university. This project might be helpful in supporting your transition into the next phase of learning by providing evidence of your continued creative development and to show your teachers, lecturers, carers or youth workers.  We hope that those whose voices are least heard will benefit the most from a project that might help their move into the next phase of their lives.

Those of us that emerge into life in a post pandemic world will not be the same as the ones that left the old world on the 20th March 2020. Already the impact on society has been profound as we are all more likely to be aware of the secondary impacts of the pandemic: changes to career, poverty, virtual socialising, grief, respect for others, changes to mental health, selfless acts of kindness, domestic violence and more.

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