Stir Crazy Yet Still Hopeful

My overall idea for this piece was to try to incorporate how the pandemic has affected the entire world. Firstly, I had the scenes pouring out of a bleach bottle as bleach and cleaning products have been very important lately. The first bleach spill is of a skyline including the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Chrysler building and Big Ben. This is to represent that every country and city in the world has experienced this pandemic. The sky goes between night and day as we all feel we have lost the sense of time, date and daily cycles. The second bleach spill shows 2 people holding hands. Touch is something we have all missed out on during this pandemic and will be important to fulfil after lockdown. The hands and shoreline are both in rainbow tones to represent the NHS rainbows we have used has a sign of thanks. Big Ben has also got its hands on 8 o’clock because every Thursday at 8pm we clap to support our NHS.

Erin – Uxbridge London

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