The ideas behind this piece were inspired by the current events that are taking place during lockdown. The concept shows the earth with different images in different places. America shows a black man being shot at by what should be assumed to be a police officer. The image depicts the man as clearly holding his hands up and running in fear for his life. It’s meant to represent the issues revolving around George Floyd’s murder and others in America like his. Brazil shows how hard COVID-19 is affecting their country at the moment and is meant to represent the amount of deaths the country has endured. Somalia shows a skinny man with a look of dismay on his face. This is intended to represent how Somalia is the poorest country in Africa and how much the virus must be affecting them. Finally, the Middle East is meant to depict the troubles currently ongoing in places such as Yemen. While the rest of us are concerned with our own health and issues we often fail to remember those around us. When life gets back to normal and we are okay, these people will not be. This piece of artwork was intended to bring light to how other countries have not only been affected by the current pandemic but how they continue to struggle even when the rest of the world has a sense of normality. Change is coming. 

Sinks – Bedfordshire


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