Making History

I want the black lives matter movement to be a part of history and I want my piece to help change the future. this relates to the life after lockdown project because people during lockdown would have had the time to reflect on there thoughts and realised that the damage that has coursed black lives and ethnic groups in the justice system. my idea is to create a large scale installation piece for the BLM protest to demonstrate how I feel towards the movement. i want my work to convey the feeling of isolation that ethnic groups feel everyday of their lives fighting for their right in the justice system. Yayoi Kasuma has influenced my work using colours in contrast to the BLM protests. this is because I wanted to show that colour shouldn’t justify the police brutality that is going on around the world. I have also taken inspiration from bob and Roberta smith for the typography. I am also inspired by the protests happening all over America and the reaction for this on social media through artists that have posted on Instagram to raise awareness for the BLM movement. i want to give the message of how ethnic groups feel isolated everyday of their lives and they suffer with injustice. I want the audience to see how Black lives have to fight for their right and their freedom. I want justice and peace for all and I want my children and future generations to grow up with equal justice and peace in the world.

Katie – Level 3 Art and Design Extended Diploma – Bexhill College

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