Seascape Blues

My idea is a landscape painting of a beach on top of a base of pages of my isolation diary and newspaper articles of the lockdown. It links to the lockdown in the way it represents both the negative and the positive aspects, I have used the diary entries and newspapers to portray the negative and the beach scene as the positive and the impact of nature on people throughout the lockdown. And the positive impact of having access to the outside spaces to affect our mental health.​
The pages and newspapers will be put behind the piece in a patchwork. In front of the main painting there will be smaller paintings and doodles, as well as diary pages and newspaper articles. The artists who have Inspired me for this piece are Banksy, Bob Ross, and Maggi Hambling. I feel the political/emotional messages in Banksy’s work are something I want to convey in my own work and Bob Ross is such an inspiration for me as I can learn a lot from the techniques he uses and the way he paints with such freedom. ​
I want my piece to teach people that it is okay to struggle and it is okay to have bad days because there is always positivity even in the harshest of times. I want my piece to convey the mixture of emotions people have felt throughout the lockdown.

Rebecca – ‘Seascape Blues’

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