Hope and Friendship after Lockdown

The digital art piece that I have created is a representation of how there is hope of a happier and healthier time to come. As lockdown restrictions are lifted we can move forward to a future where we feel less isolated and lonely and can re-unite with our friends, families and people we care about.Continue reading “Hope and Friendship after Lockdown”

The Ballerina Inside the Globe

‘The Ballerina Inside the Globe’ is representative towards everyday behaviour people may have after the pandemic . Changes consisting of being more cautious when on public transport or in crowds; some people might still wear masks due to paranoia over another virus developing. The ballerina is holding the earth in her right hand which signifiesContinue reading “The Ballerina Inside the Globe”


I explored the idea that Trump’s considered toxicity may be leaking into the UK (Boris’ mouth) as a result of their close friendship that seems to be blossoming. I read a few articles that said they talk every fortnight and communicate using personal phone numbers which leads me to question the nature of their relationship and their levels of professionalism. Both Trump and Boris appear toContinue reading “Sycophant”