Loneliness Of The Soul

My idea is to take inspiration from Richard Billingham’s work. Billingham’s photography is all about revealing his life at home and his alcoholic parents, this inspired me to take images of my life at home and expose my personal life which might help others to not feel so alone during lockdown. I have used photography and painting inspired by Realism.
My work develops from my journal, my experience in lockdown and the theme of isolation. It also shows the reality that some people must face in their everyday lives and shows that not everyone’s life is perfect, and many people face issues at home.
The development of my work is positive because at the start of lockdown I was very unmotivated, alone and sad but now I can look back and reflect on my work which has allowed me to create a meaningful, emotion piece of art. The message I want to communicate to my viewers is that no one is alone during this pandemic and many people are going through the same situation and that it is okay to feel lots of different emotions. I also hope that by exposing my own personal life it could inspire people to be more open about their own life at home, school, work etc or their feelings instead of holding it all in and letting everything build up. I also want to show that even if you are around people you can still feel very alone and isolated and that lockdown has taken a big effect of loads of people’s mental health.

Isabella – ‘Loneliness Of The Soul’

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